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To seem within a hair's breadth of Brad Pitt. Or feed your pet dog at home while miles away. Why not rock with Super Junior in their sell-out concerts? That's what 3D technology, webcams, video phones, remote control systems and more, can deliver today. Pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology is taking business, entertainment, and even mundane chores to unbelievable heights. It is creating smart offices, smart homes, smart entertainment, and “smart relationships” too, as sophisticated pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology transforms the way we relate to the world and things around us.

Then again, you know all this because you live the excitement the industry brings every day. For all the potential that pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology present, don't just be the provider. Be a catalyst for the next change.

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Large-format screens, when coupled with embedded video matrix processors, create video walls that can make people forget their subterranean reality. Today’s display screens are more than just a rectangular gizmo. They come equipped with intuitive software that makes content creation and management a cinch. This powerful setup can be deployed in the transport sector, jazzing up the usual waiting time with a brilliant visual treat. Passenger Information Systems (PIS) become extremely effective too. Underground snarls are now a thing of the past.

"There has never been a more exciting time for us AV professionals. It is interesting to see how, across different sectors, the same solution is utilised in various ways. In airports and retail shops, video walls are used to display visual content; in control centres, they are mighty surveillance systems. Video conferencing solutions allow businesses and educational institutions to hold virtual and global collaborations. As demands become increasingly sophisticated, our work will have a greater impact on others."

Senior AV System Integrator at a consultancy firm

Technologies for the strategic AV professional:

Building & Enterprise Automation • Command & Control Systems • Surveillance & Security Systems • Environmental Control • Collaborative Conferencing • Meeting Room Technology • Digital Signage • Display & Projection Technology • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Simulation Technology • Interactive Touch Technology

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