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with digital interconnect

To see the world in a microscopic grain of sand or simulate surgery, these are amazing possibilities with the current technology in pro-AV. Delivered through advances in IT, effective AV can make the invisible appear larger than life, and create experiences out of thin air. Such is the power of pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology today.

The classroom can now be fashioned anywhere good AV infrastructure and Info-Comm capabilities exist. Resources can be available at your fingertips, scenarios unfold at the touch of a button. Empower your teachers with pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology, and witness just how extensive your students’ education can be.



The hallmark of a modern learning environment – technology-enabled collaborative learning at every turn. To connect disparate solutions such as computers, cameras and video playback devices, control panels are used to standardise the control interfaces of various systems. HDCP-compliant video scalers allow lecturers to switch between media formats seamlessly. Other solutions also support signal switching and long-distance distribution of high-resolution HDMI, DVI and RGB video and audio. Ethernet and power can now be sent over one twisted pair cable, reducing the number of runs and local power at specific endpoints needed. Now, collaboration can take place not just in one classroom, but across sprawling campuses.

"My students were amazed at how they could carry out what seemed like real-life surgery using professional AV equipment. It left them feeling elated and maybe even a little humbled. I felt the same way at the start. Professional AV facilities like simulation centres have really pushed the envelope for medical studies by leaps and bounds. It's the way forward."

Associate Professor at a medical school

Technologies for the advanced Educator:

Interactive Digital Boards • Visualisers • Multimedia Display • Simulation • 3D & Visualisation • Virtual Reality • Projection & Display • Collaborative Conferencing • Presentation Control • Audio • Audience Response • Augmented Reality

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