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with Digital Interconnect

The right sounds, sights and scents underscore good hospitality service. It’s all about the sensory experience that the guest takes home and shares with others. Use pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology to create the perfect ambience for the service and occasion. Music, videos, lighting; they can all come together to make that subtle but substantial difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Any restaurant, hotel, spa or bar can be transformed with the right pro-AV and Info-Comm elements. Make your service the one they all remember.

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The cadence of life at a hotel is ever frenetic. Every day, information changes swiftly. Therein lies the challenge: updated news has to be communicated to all guests to avoid confusion. Digital signage is the perfect solution to this challenge. By utilising extenders and connecting them to large and high-resolution monitors, information can reach guests in timely fashion. And clearly. Select extenders boast the ability to offer integrated skew correction with high bandwidth, ensuring that picture quality is always top-notch.

"We have fitted our guestrooms with touch control panels and mobile devices. Our guests can now tailor their enjoyment to suit their preference! Thanks to the touch control panels, they have absolute control over the entertainment systems and ambience lighting. They can also peruse our in-room menus and make reservations at our restaurants on the mobile devices. It is pure convenience and pleasure from start to finish!"

General Manager of a 5-star hotel

Technologies for the intuitive Hospitality provider:

Guest Room Entertainment & Control • Digital Signage • Projection & Display • Public Address & Intercom • Wayfinders • Distributed Audio & Video Systems • Lighting • Room Scheduling • Meeting Room Control • Presentation & Training Aids

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