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As industries across the globe strive to be future-forward, more organizations are turning to Pro-AV innovations to help them brace for a reality that is defined by new workplace dynamics and constantly evolving customer expectations.

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AV Technology Applications That Pave the Way to the Future

AV Technology Applications That Pave the Way to the Future

Smart Collaboration

Smart collaboration solutions such as video conferences and smart content sharing technologies help to maximize collaboration outcomes and boost cross-functional communication.

Projection & Display

Projection & display technologies spread relevant messages to customers in engaging and meaningful ways by providing unique and optimized viewing experiences. They also aid workplaces in communicating and sharing important information across teams and departments.

Command & Control Systems

Integrating vital operations into one central command system gives unified, real-time visibility and control—saving resources and streamlining important decision-making processes.

Interactive Touch Technology

Touchscreen technology is increasing in popularity across industries. It serves multiple purposes to organizations—from information catalogs to advertisements to visualization tools—while enhancing more interactivity and engagement. 


From training to demonstrations, AR/VR solutions are promising tools that create an immersive, dynamic experience for users. 


InfoComm India 2021

The 2021 show will be delivered fully digital on GoVIRTUAL from 15-16 September. With the unique GoVIRTUAL experience at its core, InfoComm India 2021 GoVIRTUAL features two-way real-time conversations between exhibitors and visitors, on-the-spot Q&A interactions, full-screen live-streaming of product and solution demos, as well as AI-powered business matching.

Latest Pro-AV Trends and Technologies

InfoComm India GoVIRTUAL

Webinars, online conferences and discussions on the GoVIRTUAL platform sustains knowledge acquisition anytime, anywhere acquisition anytime, anywhere.

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InfoComm India 2021 Summit

Customized sessions at the Summit cater to a diverse range of different learning needs, from understanding high-level strategic thinking to industry and technology-focused sessions.

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Exhibitors With Technology Applications Across Various Sectors

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Tech Dialogue: 5G, Data and IoT – How to Avoid Being Left Behind?

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  • Age of big data: what to expect and how to prepare for It
  • Building a cognitive enterprise through AI-powered transformation
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Jane Lo, Correspondent, MySecurityMedia; Director, Finboxx


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John Lee, Managing Director (ASIA PACIFIC), GRF ASIA-PACIFIC Pte Ltd

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